Thursday, November 11, 2010

Reaper- Giveaway

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Sexual Reflection

I gasp for air as I lift my head in the air from under her. I kiss the inside of her thighs, making my way back to the center of my timely desire. Going up for a lick then a full taste. My thoughts run away from the action in front of me and I don’t pay attention to the woman in front of me. Moaning for dear life as her body sweats and creams all at the same time.

“Stay with me.” she says groaning as she digs her fingernails into my shoulder.

I lift my head up and move my body up till I am in the right position. Sliding me in, moving at a rhythm that cause’s her eyes to roll back in her head. Kissing every part of her that is in my view, at the same time she grabs my hips and pulls me in deeper causing her to rain more on me and yell my name louder and louder.
It doesn’t take long for her time to come and lay back in delight as I follow her lead. I lay right next to her in the bed as she falls asleep, looking at her as she sleeps quietly. Her chocolate skin radiant’s as a little of the outside light shines in through the window and hits her skin so softy.

As she sleeps I tend to think that I live the life that every man dreams of. I sleep with a different woman almost every night, I don’t have any children and I have enough money that I don’t every have to worry about working again. So why do I feel alone every time that I lay next to each one of these women.

The sun rises and I leave out the bathroom window and head home. As I reach my door a breeze of air slaps me on the neck and at the same time I hear a “Turn around.” Whisper in my ear, turning my head slightly I see the same woman I was with just a couple of hours ago across the street pulling boxes out of her car. I walk over and ask.

“Are you following me?”
“Umm no, who are you?”
“It’s me, Sean.”
“I’m sorry but I don’t know you.”
“Oh I’m sorry I must have you confused with someone else.”
“It’s ok but you know to make this up to me you could help me with these boxes.”
“My pleasure.”
“Thank you by the way my name is Aphrodite.”

That was the only time after that night and morning that I saw her again, I was thrown back throughout the time that I was helping her, not because of the similarity with her and the woman I was with last night, it was because of the name. Thinking to myself that she wasn’t the one that I wanted or was she, the one that I wanted, the only woman that has never left me feeling empty was name Aphrodite but she didn’t look like the woman that I just met.

Some might think that a man chasing after a woman out of an myth is crazy and I would be part of that some but I met another woman by that name once and I knew that she was the real deal, her eyes were deep brown like chocolate, her body was curved in the right places and when she walked her hazel skin shimmer and her absolute aura cause envy and desire.

It was two years ago in a new club that open on Fulton, I was there with the fellows and the nights agenda was always the same, I saw someone I wanted for the night and began to make my way over but she came in and walked over to me, she placed her hand on my shoulder and whisper in my ear.

“Spend the night with me.” said in a tantalizing tone.

I have never felt anything like that when her words hit my ear, the warmness of her breath heated my blood and expanded my wellness, such feelings like this I have never felt before in my life but instead of wondering who she was and where she came from, I went where ever she wanted me to. Back at her apartment she pushes down onto the bed and kissed me everywhere.

Her mouth filled with me, sent me into an illumination where I thought I was in heaven, she licked my chest upwards till she came up to my lips and I asked.

“Who are you?”
“Aphrodite.” she said.

I slid my hands down slowly in between her thighs I rubbed, rotated and repeated, she stuck her tongue out slightly as she stood above me moaning I ripped her top off exposing her bra and I slid my finger under the middle and pulled her to me and accelerated my hand movements, she groaned harder but it wasn’t her time yet, I flip her over and place her on the bed taking off my clothes I pulled her skirt off and freed her of what was left, I kissed her between and throughout her body.

I turned her around and with her head resting on a pillow I went inside her starting off slowly back and forth then turning up the stokes with each time she moans then screams and grabs the bed sheet, with each stoke I put into her I myself hold onto her tight because each feeling inside frees me and for some moments I feel that I have been separated from my body.

She climbs on top of me as the night progress’s and her movements are incredible, I can feel that she is about to arrive, as her movements become faster more rhythmic and more pulsing, right before the movement hits she ask me something.

“Come. . . With . . . Me?” she asked.
“I will, believe me I will.” I said.
“Mmm. . . No. . . . Stay with me after this?”

We both scream and moan to the top of our lungs as the moment arises, she waits for an answer afterwards but in my delight I don’t say anything and close my eyes and let go of my grip of her, she wasn’t the type of women that you kept waiting and I did and within those few seconds she left and it’s been two years since I saw her and she asked me to stay with her. . . She was the only women to ask me that except the woman I was just with. . . OH GOD.

I drive back to the apartment and go up to the door but I don’t know her last name so I run over to the alley and climb up to the bathroom window that I first went through and to my amazement it’s still open so I climb through, I enter the bedroom and no one is here but it looks like that no one has been here in days the whole place is clean and untouched except for a bed.

I sit on the bed, broken that the woman I have been searching for was here in a different form but still here and I wasn’t even pay attention when she asked me again to stay with her.

“I will stay with you.” I say.

The room is silent and calm, I think to myself what do I do now do I wait to see if she comes to me again in another form but I have turn her down twice, I lay back on the bed and look over to the clock that shows two o’clock and today’s date the seventeenth and it was the seventeenth of this same month two years ago that I first met her. . . Could it be that every two years she comes to me in a different form to ask me this or am I crazy, or is she trying to drive me insane because I said no to her?

No longer wanting to feel this gaping break of my sanity anymore so I decide to leave, walking to the door was a struggle enough as my legs feel heavy as I walk, I finally make it to the door, turn the knob but the door will not open. I look back at the windows but the windows have been sealed with bricks, the heaviness in my legs has taken its toll and I fall to my knees.

“Hello Sean.” Aphrodite says as she mysteriously appears by my side in a white dress.
“What have you done to me?”
“I have done nothing to you Sean, you have done all of this to yourself.”
“What are you talking about?”
“You said no to me! Not once but twice!”
“What the hell are you?”
“Something beyond your pay grade but if you really want to know, I’m a woman in white.”
“A what?”
“A woman in white, I was married a very long time ago and I loved my husband with all of my heart but he cheated on me, that single action tore my heart apart and I killed myself.”
“Your some kind of ghost?”
“Yes, told you it was beyond your pay grade.”
“So what do you want with me?”
“Well if you must know, I kill men like you, men who treat women like sex tools, cheat on them, hurt them and you are someone that I have been waiting to kill since I met you but there is one tiny rule, in order to kill you I need you to say that you will stay with me and you have been difficult none the less to get to say yes.”
“And I will never say it now, you should have never told me.”
“You already said yes, you said it while sitting on the bed…why would you think I would tell you all of this if you didn’t say it already.” She says with a dark hideous laughter.
“No you can’t do this, I thought you loved me!”
“Bet all the women that you been with, thought that too.”

I try to get up but I can’t, she places her frosty bitter hand on my shoulder, I can feel my heart racing out of control, I struggle but I can’t get free. My vision begins to brighten to the point that the very heat is like hellfire, I scream for help, I scream for god to intervene but there is nothing to save me as I hear her laughs. I can no longer feel any pain, not knowing if that is good or bad but I take it for good as I slowly drift off.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Present Day Relationship

She sits at the end of the bed
Our issues are apparent on her face,
Face to face communication she longs for
As I long to ease her pain

A simple three worded phase won’t cure,
Looking into my eyes for a cure from her tears
Moisture from my lips placed on a single cell of her skin
Easing for a single second her discomfort

Fingers inter-locking for protecting and comfort,
Looking for me to be more than a lover
As she rests her heart a pond mines
But it stops as my mind out races it

Looking for a slow pace away
To show her a way to what she deserve
Cause what we have can’t be preserve,
Afraid to walk as feet become rooted

A heartbroken language is rooted between her lips
She kisses tightly to see if there are familiar feelings
In a failing heart but our time is flat lining,
So I have to say goodbye as she sits in the bed flat lining

Daily Desire.

Southern Skies in my line of hunger
Wanting the whole world on a plate
Should be taking a slice of humble pie
Just for a so called reality check

But I put reality in coat check
For it holds me back
So I won’t be keeping the ticket
When its time to leave the building

Using time's clock hands for toothpicks
Recycling it for the health benefits
So I can become a black iron man
With all those hi-tech benefits

Posting up, hi-tech post it’s with technical precision
So I can precisely officiate the world
As the strictly hunger for greatness becomes official
As that southern bell rings and I reap those benefits.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cover Art By: Lamar Sanders

Coming June 29, 2010, Duce Wayne's first novel. Lincoln Stone: Return Of the Grim Reaper. More info about where to buy the book and the pricing is coming stay tune to the blog!

Hidden away for safety by his father. The Grim Reaper after his death. Lincoln Stone has been raised in an orphanage since an infant. Lincoln has led a somewhat normal life but has been keeping a secret from everyone he knows. He has developed superhuman strength, speed and psychic abilities. Feeling like an outcast for most of his life, Lincoln begins a journey to find out the answers that have plagued his life, but those long sought after answers present themselves to Lincoln in a way he never thought possible.

Finding himself thrust in a new role in an ancient battle between good and evil, Lincoln must hone his abilities in order to protect him and the entire world, from a powerful evil that threatens it, his own mother. In a world filled with demons and monsters, Lincoln will be put through a gauntlet of deception and danger in order to save the world.

Finding the truth that his mother killed his father, he alone must stop her from destroying the world. While coming to terms with this, Lincoln will unravel a dark secret that brings a new truth about his mother. Leaving him to make major decisions that will not only affect him but the world also, in order to do what is right, in a world that is surrounded by darkness

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Sweet scent of coffee skin in the air,
The unruly oxygen around this affair
Puts me in a high like I’m part avian,
Navigating your aroma with aviator experience

As I slowly become addicted to your unstoppable demeanor,
The sight of you feeds my captivation,
Investing a single kiss on your collarbone
To increase your interest rate

Waiting to press the play button on a date
So I choose my words with significance,
Conjuring that importance with a single pause
Surely to put a pause on your status as single

Friday, March 26, 2010

"The Ride" By Graphix Godbody

OK I get it!
You've got new rims that spin/
with diamonds in them to match the gold in your grin/
and a sound system that seems like it's sole purpose is to offend elderly kin/
but how many people in your camp of dozens do you really consider a friend?/
see I've done the rolex watches on both wrist/
popped bottles of crys and belvy and left those days back in high school but wait......see I don't think that y'all really smell me/
what's the real price for them diamonds you trying to sell me/
human lives where paid to put those on that necklace/
with an image of a pope's nephew that y'all call "Jesus" see now who's acting reckless?/
see I've studied where all this came from to see where I'm going/
and the road chosen for me and my people, well I'm trying to steer us away from it but I'm just a passenger on a bus and the driver can't see where we're going/
so I'm yelling up front saying, hey I can show him/
but he's impatient and don't like backseat drivers/
saying I'm hating because I see a way for him to make money, well maybe not as much as he does now, but he'll be wiser/
and he traded in spiritual wealth and mental health for riches/
real queens and goddesses for one night stands and bitches/
pink polo shirts, girl hair and tight britches/
claims he a thug but everytime I look to see this gangsta, I'm left skeptical because my spectacles always seem to miss it/
see, he don't like me or my music, because my rap has a mission/
he swears nobody wants to hear something with a message uplifting/
I'm like maybe he's right but I didn't get in this to start ass kissing/
I just drop gems like a clumsy thief, and when I rap a few kats listen/
see I attract a few that wanna learn, so what I say sparks interest/
and brings wise men to men to me like I got a star over me leading them to God's infant/
but he just kept driving and didn't acknowledge my teachings/
a few moons go by and starts to seperate his real friends from leeches/
Here's where I parted ways and pulled the string on the bus and told the driver to let me off of it/
he laughed and said I should follow him if I wanted to make money and become a baller quick/
I told him this isn't my path I'm headed back, see I've already strayed to far from it/
he drove off and yelled when he reached the end because the last stop was tatarus/

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Will Always Remember You (True Story)

Having only five minutes
To tell you what you meant to me
So I reference those years for a minute
Giving them five stars

As I remember those sun sip lips
That gave me intellectual pleasure
As I remember telling them I love you
As I worship your moon lit body

Your essence ruled my soulful currents
Remember telling you that I’m so gone because of you
And you would say I just want to be gone somewhere with you
Blushful demeanor, never dissipated with you

With you, the blister paced world couldn’t touch me
Remember placing kisses on your soul as a thank you
And you making my body flare for an your welcome
And to make me remember the velocity of that moment

I remember your radiance on the darkest of nights
I remember how your presence stole my oxygen
I remember how your kiss gave it back
I will always remember that I love you

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Time Traveler Part 1

1.21 gigawatts propelling me forward
Forwarding my electric touch so people can dig my flow
Digging my heels into the ground as I bend the earth to my liking
So I can cover enough ground of popularity to topple a social network
Leaving my face to twist the daily news feeds into something positive

Cocky son of bitch when it comes to feeding the world
Something positive so the current polarity won’t leave the people starving
Not on the fence about my hunger
No expectation of binding my upcoming meals
As preparation for a thanksgiving meal for the world is coming

1.21 gigawatts bringing me back
Arriving back in the icy present at 1:21 am
Ready to Carpe Diem as I park the car
Not leaving my fate in park position
As the sun comes and warms the dark

Monday, February 8, 2010

Allure C7

Sonny stands in front of the full length mirror, tying his silk white tie and putting on putting his black suit jacket on, getting his mind ready for the sky light ball because this is not just a party for him, this is a chance to find out what is really going on with the recent information that he has received. The smell of roses enters his bedroom as Stephanie enters, wearing a form fitting red cocktail dress.

“I see you are trying to make a statement, Stephanie.”
“What statement do you think I am trying to make?”
“That the Crawford’s won’t be running the show tonight.”
“Just trying to take the attention off of you, so you and Xander can do what you two do.”
“Well I have to say this is an eye pleasing way of doing that.”
“Now, isn’t our relationship suppose to be purely business?”
“I don’t think that was ever brought up.”
“If you say so, but the car is waiting for us and so is Xander.”

Looking back in the mirror to check himself, seeing everything is good, Sonny turns to head out but Stephanie is right in front of him, giving him a slow sweet kiss that brings the temperature of the room to an desert heat.

“What was that for?” Sonny ask.
“We had about ten seconds to spare.”

Sonny smiles at her response and they head outside to the limo, leaving to Xander’s and picking him and Free up, inside of the limo the four of them begin to plan on how they are going to get information from the Crawford’s.

“We need to cause some kind of distraction so Free can get into the main office and hack in.” Xander says.
“I just need at least ten minutes to get any kind of useful information.” Free says.
“Did you have a chance to look at the blueprints for the tower, Stephanie?” Sonny asks.
“Yeah, the banquet hall is where the ball is being held and the offices are two levels above it, does it matter what computer you use to hack in, Free?”
“I need to get to Michael Crawford’s computer; I put a virus in their utilities system and at ten o’clock the lights will go off but the power around Michael’s office will still be on but at a low level that no one will suspect anything.” Free says
“How long will the power be off?” Sonny ask.
“Fifteen minutes, that’s enough time for me to copy his files.”
“Good, ok we have everything cover, so let’s do this with out any problems.”

The limo arrives at the Crawford towers, entering through the check point and into the banquet hall, the room filled with all the big players in the town and major celebrities. As the group makes their way into the hall, the obvious stares because of Sonny’s reputation are present in the hall but Sonny and the others don’t let them phase them.

Having about ten minutes before the virus kicks in, the group splits up as Xander and Free make their way through the crowd to get closer to the exit, Sonny and Stephanie head to the center of the hall and work the crowd. As Sonny is talking to Sam Philips a local celebrity, Stephanie sees something coming in their direction, as she gets a clearer picture of what is coming, she quickly lets Sonny knows.

“Remember when you said that we will play this as cool as possible, Sonny?”
“Yeah, why?”
“Allen, Antoinette and Marcus Queen are coming this way, you don’t have a gun on you, do you?”
“No but I should have re-thought bringing one.” Sonny says as his mood changes from cool and calm, to cool and calm rage.”
“We can’t bring any attention to ourselves, remember?”
“Easy for you to say, Allen Queen is responsible for my mother and father’s death, killing him would make night very fulfilling.

Sonny makes his way through the crowd to meet with the Queen family, Stephanie tries to cut him off before he lets his anger take control of him. The two leaders of the powerful mob families come eye to eye with each other, the crowd around begins to feel the awaiting explosion between the two. Stephanie makes her way to Sonny’s side, getting a icy glare from Antoinette and seductive look from Marcus.

“So we finally get a chance too meet.” Allen says.
“Yes we do.” Sonny says with a killers stare deadlocked on Allen .
“I am sorry to hear about your father, he was a good man.”

Sonny makes a fist with his right hand, balling it up tighter and tighter but Stephanie grabs his hand, pulling apart his fingers and interlocking hers with his, the icy glare that Antoinette was giving before, turned into the same look that Sonny was giving Allen.

“Thank you.” Sonny says calmly.
“So who is this lovely woman that you are with?” Allen says as Antoinette lets out a small chuckle.
“Stephanie Canon, pleasure to meet you Mr. Queen.
“Pleasure is all mine, but I am afraid that I have some business to deal with, we should all meet later in the evening for a drink.”
“Sounds good to me.” Sonny says as the Queen family departs.
“Well you played that slightly well.” Stephanie says.
“Should have put a fork in his throat.”
“I know you wanted to but what was with your girlfriend?”
“She is not my girlfriend.”
“Ok, well your friend wanted to kill me and since she is an hit woman for the mob, I think she will actually do that.”
“No need to worry, you can take her if you two get in a fight.”
“Oh just what I wanted, to fight your psycho assassin lover.”

The crowd yells in surprise as the lights go off, Sonny and Stephanie remain calm and stay where they are at, Xander and Free make their way up the emergency stairwell.
Running up the stairs and entering the office of Michael Crawford in record time, Xander stands outside of the office and plays lookout as Free heads to the computer, inserting a jump drive into the computer and quickly hacks his files, not having time to check each and ever file, Free just copies as many as she can, but she sees a file named war and opens it. Quickly reading the first couple of paragraphs of the file, her eyes widen in horror.

“Xander come here.”
“What is it?” Xander says as he comes over and looks at the screen.
“Read this and you will understand.”
“…this can’t be true.”
“This has facts that were never released to the public, Xander.”
“Oh my god.”
“We have to tell Sonny.”
“If we tell him, this whole town is going to be in the middle of war between the LeBeau organization, Queen and Crawford family.
“It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t tell him.”
“This changes everything now.”
“Yes it does. The Crawford’s are behind the war, they set up the very act that started it…they killed Sonny’s mother.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Allure C6

Xander hangs up his cell after receiving the information from Sonny, exiting out of the balcony back into his apartment, where his computer expert, Carly Free on her laptop trying to find if any aircraft has any flight plans that revolve around hob’s bay. He knows that the he and Sonny are getting closer to taking down the Queen’s. Beginning to worry now because soon the Queen organization will feel that too and they will begin to strike back. Keeping the secret that he and Free are a couple because he doesn’t want her to get hurt because of the life that he lives. Staring at her soft chocolate skin, she brushes back her long dark hair and fixes her glasses as she stares at the screen, even though she is petite and a girly girl, Xander knows that she is strong as he is but he loves her more than life itself and would die to protect her.

“You know today was suppose to be our trip to Jamaica.” Free says.
“I know and I am sorry but---
“I understand, Dominic was like a father to you and I would be doing the same thing.”
“You know if I could get inside the Queen’s mansion, I could hack in and get the information that you and Sonny need.”
“It’s too dangerous and I won’t risk your life in this, besides no one knows that you work for me and I want to keep it that way.”
“They also don’t know that we are together, want to keep it that way also?”
“You know it’s safer if no one knows that we are together, especially since we are trying to take down the Queen’s.”
“I know.” Free says with a small amount of sadness in her voice and heart.
“Have you found anything yet?”
“There has been no flight plan schedule around hob’s bay.”
“Sonny might be right, they are paying the coast guard or at least a few of them off, so nothing will be seen or reported.”
“What are you going to do?”
“See for myself what is going on and take it from there.”
“Ok but I did find something else out, while I was doing some background searches on some of the coast guards officers.”
“What did you find out?”
“A tiny but traceable paper trail that leads back to Stefan Crawford, a deposit of five thousand dollars was made into one of the officers bank account, this paper trail was made to lead back to him.”
“You think that someone is setting him up to take a fall just in case someone makes the connection.”
“But why is the question.”
“Think he is involved with the Queen’s?”
“The son of the most political powerful man in the town in bed with a mob family,
that’s a time bomb waiting to happen.”
“I can do some digging on this, if you need me to?”
“Not yet, I am going to have some one keep an eye on him and see what he is up to.”
“Ok, so what do you want to do in the mean time?” Free asks as she walks over to Xander and put her arms around him.
“Seems like you already have an idea on what to do.”

Xander kisses Free slowly, with her chest press up against his, Xander feels her rapid heartbeat and begins to kiss her collarbone, biting her lip in ecstasy as he kisses her chest and makes his way down, lifting her shirt up and kissing her stomach. Undoing her belt and dropping her pants, she kicks them off as Xander kisses the small of her back and slides his tongue gently up her back till he reaches the back of her neck, messaging her neck with passionate kisses, Free, moaning in intense pleasure but Xander’s phone begins to ring, he looks at it and its Sonny.

“Don’t pick it up.” Free says out of breath.
“Sorry love.” Xander says as he takes the call and finds out from Sonny that the shipment drop has been moved up to tonight.
“What is it?” Free ask.
“The shipment is arriving tonight; sorry I have to head over there and get set up.”
“Ok… be careful!”

The clouds part as the full moon hangs powerful in the sky, the cool night air flows through Xander’s face as the speed boat he is on, takes him to the area of where the drop is suppose to take place. The driver stops the boat far enough so that it is not in the sights of the coast guard, grabbing a pair of night vision goggles from his large duffle bag, Xander puts them on and looks into clear sky. The driver signals Xander that something is going on where the coast guard is station at, looking over he see’s that one of the men on the lead boat shoots a flare into the sky away from his boat.
Hearing the faint sound of a propeller behind him, looking back and seeing the small airplane coming his way. Reaching in his duffle bag again, pulling out a rocket launcher and quickly gets his feet planted, getting his sights set and waiting for the right moment, the rocket explodes out in thunderous fashion, flying straight at the plane with destructive intent, the pilot doesn’t see it coming till its too late and the plane explodes, lighting the sky and catching everyone’s attention but the driver has already left the scene.
Arriving back at the LeBeau mansion, Xander meets Sonny in his office, as he walks in, seeing Sonny reading a letter that has given him a perplexed face.

“Shipments been taken out.” Xander says.
“Good.” Sonny says distracted.
“What’s the letter about?”
“It seems that I have been invited to a party at the Crawford towers.”
“The Crawford’s invited you to their annual sky light ball but why?”
“I don‘t know.”
“Sounds like a trap.”
“But why would they want to do that for?”
“I got to tell you something, Free and I found out some information about the shipment.”
“Free, found a paper trail that leads back to Stefan Crawford, showing that he paid off a member of the coast guard.”
“So Stefan is helping the Queen’s.”
“The paper is trail is small but according to Free, it looks like that it might have been planted to be found if there was a reason to go through those files.”
“This is getting more complicated, so looks like that Stefan is the fall guy if anything goes wrong with delivery of the shipment.”
“Which it did.”
“This invitation doesn’t seem right.”
“I agree.”
“But we should go anyway.”
“Something is up with this family and it looks like they are bed with Queen’s, I want to know how deep they are in.”
“You going to need backup just incase, I’m going too.”
“Knew you would.”

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Duce Wayne (Self titled)

I sit at a wooden chair form the late 80’s, keeping it as a reminder of a time when the world was a simple place where watching reruns of the super friends was my goal for my life. Now trying to build a league of super friends to help me change the world for the better while trying not to let my sinful nature get the better of me, facing lashing criticism for rebelling against what people know and often commend to an crystal clear hell. Must admit that I place my foot in that hot bath for a feeling of clarity. Looking for emotion on the small of women backs, the bottom of the glass and the roundness of an pill, self destructive behavior for a rush but spirit getting crush and giving it up for anyone to guzzle. Building myself up by establishing support beams of temper steel in my very soul, going for invincibility and knowing that it awaits me in the future but in the mean time I rebuild and take myself away from all paradoxes. Heart of an ox, keeping me on the path of redemption, dabbing back into the written word looking for it to drain that sadness out of me, dabbing back into heroism to see the sun shine over gun shells, dabbing back into love to find that lasting peace. Lasting change comes full circle, new personality on deck to give the world the mass effect of who I am really am, no longer hiding and no longer giving a damn of what the world thinks of me because it only needs to know one thing, that my name Duce Wayne.

Rebellion By Duce Wayne

Top spinning the world from the keystrokes of a laptop, creating a worldwide storm front that a Doppler radar will never detect. Mental thunderstorm striking every cerebral hemisphere in a 773 area code, seven days a week surfing on top of seven deadly sins for no single cause. No variation in my stance and not caring about a fan’s disapproval of me, giving them a taste of my aura in a pan fried dinner so it can go straight to the blood vessels giving you a new diet dubbed simply Duce. New lifestyle that takes you across the stars giving you enlightenment for free, illuminating your life so you can unplug ComEd and live in the light for free. Looking to upset the world by giving free knowledge to the worthy and create a new race of king and queen’s and let them cut through the world like a deck of cards, feet across a throne giving a joker the task of 52 pick up as I acquire 52 flavors of success for the world. Having her lick my lips to savor the favor of a world changing, passing it along kiss by kiss to give a euphoric string of a new worldwide education, presenting a dictation thru the theory of osculating keeps you on a climax. Pleasure taking from busting the proverbial cherry of freedom, making the legs of conventionalism tremble as they part for something new, something revolutionary, something to make you think of what can be and to give those who keep what can be in a bubble a truly upsetting rumble.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Allure C5

The sound of the water droplets hitting the ground, echo’s through out the empty warehouse. Sonny, Xander and two other of Sonny’s enforcers surround a beaten man tied to a chair in the middle of the warehouse, holding his father favorite weapon, a silver magnum .4” revolver. Xander standing by his side making sure that no surprises arise while they continue to question the man who is a known drug dealer that has ties to the Queen family.

“This would go a lot better if you just told us what we need to know.” Sonny says.
“Go to hell, LeBeau.” The man says with a trembling voice.
“The Queen family doesn’t give a damn about you.”
“They care enough to kill me if I talk to you.”
“No matter what happens, the Queen family will be put out of business and that means so will you and your friends, so just talk and you will make it out of this alive.”
“You think that you are so much better than me, think that you can clean up the city and run it, that is bullshit and you know it. You are a criminal just like me and just because you think you are doing these things to make a better world, your motives are still criminal.”
“Guess you have been excelling in your English night classes but get this straight, I am a criminal and I will put a bullet in your head if I deem it necessary, because you are a piece of shit that sells drugs to kids and like your other co-workers who I put out of business, you have a choice to tell me what you know and we will make sure that you are safe from the Queen’s.
“You think that I am dumb enough to tell you anything, I know what you have done to the others.”
“You mean, give them a certain amount of money to give up selling drugs and disappear somewhere in the world, I don’t make it my business to kill people unless I have to.”
“So if I don’t tell you anything you are going to kill me, right?”
“Wrong, I will make sure that the Queen’s know that you were my guest for a short period and I will let them decide what to do with you.”
The sweat drips from his brow down to his chin, he looks at Sonny and see’s a stone emotionless face staring at him and waiting for an answer, looking into Sonny’s dark brown eyes, seeing the immense strength in them and realizing that he will not stop till he gets what he wants.
“I don’t know much but all I know is that the next shipment is coming in the next two days and its coming in somewhere near hob’s bay,”
“The coast guard swarms that whole area at night, how the hell would they get a shipment of drugs through?”
“I don’t know, you will have to take that up with the coast guard and the Queen’s.”
Sonny and Xander walk away from the interrogation to a secure corner of the warehouse, looking at each other trying to figure out a way how the shipments can get in the city.”
“They had to pay off someone from the coast guard.” Xander says.
“Yeah but that place has been known for drug running, they would have to had pay off all of the coast guard that are placed in that area.”
“Think that they wouldn’t?”
“True but it seems a little over kill, even for the Queen’s, what do you think Xander?
“There has to be an area of the bay that they are bringing the shipment in, I will take a speedboat out with a team and see what we can find out.”
“Ok, no matter what, that shipment has to be destroyed. It will cripple the Queen’s for a short while and then we can take them out.”
“On it but there is another way that we can get some more information.”
“Stephanie Canon.”
“No! Absolutely not!”
“Still bitter that she scam you?”
“She didn’t scam me, she just---
“Scammed you, she knows a lot about what happens in the town and she can help.”
“Fine, see what you can get from her.”
“You know that she will only talk to you, Sonny.”
“Fine, I will get in contact with her.”
“I will get my computer expert to see if there are any irregularities involving hob’s bay, what about him?”
“Treat him like the others; send someone to follow him till he leaves the city.”

Sonny has his driver take him to an underground poker club located in underground portion of the second street library on the west side of town, walking to the back entrance, knocking on the door five times, the lookout opens the door and Sonny walks in. Traveling through the dimly long hallway till he enters the blazing lighted tournament room, dozen of tables with more than an dozen players gambling their life savings away, walking to the back room where the best players gather at, many of the players know who Sonny is and have a star struck look on their face as he travels down the line.
Entering the room, seeing the table of average looking men and women around the table but he stops the search when he see’s the beautiful light skinned, short chestnut hair, light brown eyes, classic beauty. Sitting at the end of the table, she looks at Sonny as he enters the room, her face never shows any emotion as she places her cards on the table and everyone else groans in disappointment, taking all of her winnings and leaving the table. Stephanie Canon, on of the worlds best thief, con artist and gambler, able to get a man to give up all of his worldly goods without any use of skin.

“It has been a long time, Sonny.” Stephanie says as she walks up to him and stares into his eyes.
“I see that you are still up to your old tricks.”
“Still mad I beat you and won your money.”
“Yeah…you won my money.” Sonny says in a sarcastic tone.
“So, did you come here for a rematch?”
“No… I need your help with something.”
“Oh really, this should be fun. So what can I help you with?”
“We should talk outside.”
“Ok, not going to have me whack are you.” Stephanie says in a little seductive tone. The two head out of the back entrance, Sonny checks her body out as she puts her winnings in her black motorcycle jacket, even though he doesn’t like her, she is a very tantalizing woman to him. “So what’s up, Sonny?”
“I am about to take out a drug shipment that belongs to the Queen family, it’s coming in through hob’s bay but that place is swarmed with coast guards at night, do you know how they might be getting it through?”
“You do know that I am neutral in this whole mob war between the LeBeau organization and the Queen’s.”
“Yes I might have heard that but I am trying to take drugs out of this city, taking out this shipment could leave the town clean for a couple of months.”
“That’s a very good thing, but one of the main reasons I have stayed alive in this mob town is that I am neutral and I keep my activities to myself, I have worked hard to stay neutral and I want to keep it that way.”
“No one will know that I got the info from you, I give you my word.”
“So you are really dead set to take out drugs and the Queen’s aren’t you?”
“But you are still using mob tactics to do all of these good things aren’t you?”
“Yes, doing something like this and trying to do it within the spectrum of the laws, would take to long but I have the power now to take them out.”
“Ever heard that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”
“Yeah but I am prepare to deal with whatever happens after I burn the Queen’s organization to the ground, you know that you want to see them gone so help me.”
“I will become a target.”
“I will protect you.”
“Really…I thought that you hated me?”
“Maybe that was a premature feeling.”
“I might have some information for you, maybe instead of worrying about water; you should look up in the sky.”
“A plane… makes a lot of sense, thanks I owe you.”
“I know you do and thanks why I want in.”
“In what?”
“Your organization.”
“I thought you were neutral and that I am basically on my way to hell.”
“Maybe I am getting tired of being neutral and I think this road you are on is going to be a fun ride.”
“You are up to something aren’t you?”
“Yes but the destruction of the Queen’s isn’t going to be easy and you will need my help.”
“What’s the price?”
“I’m sure we can work something out.” Kissing Sonny on the cheek as she slips a piece of paper with her number in his suit jacket pocket. “Call me, sugar.”

Stephanie leaves and Sonny calls Xander, letting him know the information that he got from Stephanie, making his way back to the limo but he see’s Antoinette across the street. Walking across but making sure that she is alone, feeling it’s a shame that he has to do that when he goes to see a woman he loves.
“Still following me, Antoinette?”
“It’s my job for right now, so Stephanie Canon didn’t know you were going that low.”
“Jealous is not a good look for you.”
“Who says I am jealous?”
“You wish, Sonny.”
“I am not in the mood for this back and forth with you, is there something that you wanted?”

Antoinette looks at Sonny with an uncertainly, grabbing him and kissing him like this is the last moment that she will ever see him, the motion of their lips is epic to those looking at them but Sonny pulls away slowly, Antoinette looks surprise because Sonny never pulled away from her and she wonders if what she saw between Sonny and Stephanie has something to do with that.
“I’m not one of your play things; you can’t have me whenever you want me.”
“Well this is a change, what brought this new altitude change?”
“If you just want to ask if I am with someone else, just do it.”
“I couldn’t care less if you were.”
“Guess you finally let the power go to your head, my world doesn’t revolve around you.”
“Didn’t expect it to since I was never in it, like I said I don’t have time for this back and forth, I have business that I have to take care of.”
“So it’s just only going to be business between us?”
“Just the way you always wanted it to be, darling.”
“You do know what that means right?”
“We will have to cross that bridge when we get there.”
“If we do, I will kill you.”
“We will see, Antoinette.”
“Xander won’t be able to protect you, I always complete my mission.”
“This has been enlightening but like I said I have business that I have to attend to, so I hope that you will have a good day, Antoinette.”
“You too, Sonny.”

Going back to the limo, as he enters and looks out of the tinted window, he see’s a glimmer of hurt in Antoinette’s eyes, wanted to go to her but at that moment, that coldness that she carries in her, covers her and he knows that his place

Friday, January 15, 2010


Forever in a day, I am willing to rewrite the course of events in my life to find my way into your embrace, any outcome of change is worth it because without you there is nothing but an empty cold stay in my heart, your form a lasting stay in my mental hotel, tempting fate for a permanent stay with both your physical and metaphysical. Rebelling against a life without you in it but giving you my devotion as I dream of drinking love potion off of your lips, dreaming of making love under a radiating star. Hoping for a way to restart time for a chance of capitalizing that L word and to hold you in my arms to give your mind, body and soul an exclamation point, holding on to that point in time and space with an single transatlantic kiss, worlds apart but always in an lustrous reflection giving me a momentous tease of a world with you, finding it preposterous in weaker moments but those moments become deeper in thought as I weigh what you mean to me and I make the world part to be with you. Forever in a day, I choose you.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Table top admissions being counted like rising ticket sales, pulling the plug on the lamp as the shadow begins to cover my pupils. Following my own way and dismissing the title of pupil, one way street being rode blindfolded and with no hands but my knowledge is increasing the acceleration. Crushing the limit of how far someone can go within an lifetime, finding myself miles ahead of the race for normality, lips pressed to the air in front of me and giving the finger to the end of normal. No middle ground to what others believe is the path, bulldozing my path through what you believe and putting the foundation for something new in your lap, wishing you the enjoyment from the dance you will receive but hoping that you last long enough to see the end. Ending the old with an orgasmic taste of something neoteric and banging the stems so you can see the sights of the race, one by one filling your bleak vision momentarily with new sensations so you become addicted and when you’re ready just send your thanks to your friendly neighborhood Duce Wayne.

"Current State of Affairs" By Graphix Godbody

I was thinking this morning/
in between my breakfast and my yawning/
is it just me or has hip hop gotten too boring/
I mean remember when rappers got on because they each had the skill/
now if you got swag and a grill you can each have a deal/
Label execs don't even wanna listen if you aint talking about skrill/
disrespecting women, or poisoning our hood and this is what you feel?/
I mean, I remember when you had a pure mixture/
as much partying and bullshytting was going on, education was still a fixture/
in the hip hop community/
talks about unity/
made you feel connected, like we as a people will rise...fuck what they do to me/
and we go from that to tightpants and swag/
and I'm supposed to believe that these new rap boys aint fags?/
listen, y'all can buy into that all you want my soul brothers/
but nothing you or anyone can say will ever convince me that pink is a boys color/
and to get a deal, shyt is so amazing that it's hurting my mind/
all you need to do is recite a couple of nursey rhymes/
put them over a beat and yell out that you on your grind/
and watch how these labels all fall in line/
it disgusts me/
while real artist that got styles that's so lovely/
forced out the spotlight like models that's butt ugly/
and speaking of styles remember when biting was a big no no/
so somebody explain to me why is drake this famous when he sounds like wayne 2.0 yo/
maybe I'm loco cause I'm not seeing the picture/
I listen to De La Sol when everyone telling me that OJ the juice man is way sicker/
but I don't hear it, he sound whack and 50 cent to/
he a gansta rollin with police escorts and I'm supposed to believe anything he say that he'll do?/
ok.......tell you what before I ever fall off and go pop/
I'll take this semi automatic........ load the clip............... play russian roulette with myself and fire off one shot/

Graphix Godbody
"Current State of Affairs"

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Untitled By Graphix Godbody

I got a crown made of several thorns/
so when I decide to return to the booth, you see me fighting the monster that's sporting about 7 horns/
and 4 faces, I'm spittin this john blaze shyt/
see me, yeah I club heavy like the Hulk has turned caveman/
every dude that's in my cypher is a certified ape fam/... See More
and I bless mics with a touch like a healer for my faith....DAMN!!/
y'all aint stoppin the kid/
I won't quit til 7 days after the apocalypse ends/
I got a automatic rifle in the form of a pen/
so when I ink verses y'all see that the battle begins/
just mail me my trophy, I aint even gotta enter to win/
Cause if I freestyle. who after me can come as hot as the kid?/
who else can split atoms when his spit rattles/
and leaves in the form of sound to hit a mic just so he can rip battles/
everything I've done is just as important as the thing after/
I make history, I was in a tree hitting Isaac Netwon with a few apples/
the mic beater/
whack rhyme eater/
I'm the best of both worlds like if Robert finally found a grown woman for him to pee on/
or if Chris Brown married laila ali and tried to beat her/
son you could eat one/
my style is so heavenly/
streets diggin my words, chicks feeling my melodies/
giving you a word of advice, just let it be/
I been hot since it was cool for blacks to watch BET/


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Allure Chapter 4 (Plots)

The sound of expensive high heels walking across the glossy marble floor resonates through out the Crawford tower, located in the center of the town, its one of the most expensive and luxury hotels in the town. The workers stare at her as she walks to the elevator, enjoying the attention as she reaches the reflected elevator door. Studying herself in the mirror, fixing her long black hair, applying lip gloss to her luscious lips and brushing some dust off her light coffee skin, checking her body that she workouts out five days a week for. Enjoying the slight vanity she is presenting, the door opens and she goes up to her office, walking through the door of Marjorie Crawford‘s office and she seeing her brother Stefan sitting in her chair.

“Last time I checked this isn’t Stefan’s office.”
“Good morning to you too.”
“What’s up? I thought you were still on vacation?”
“Had some business come up, so I had to come back a little bit early.”
“This doesn’t sound good.”
“Sonny LeBeau has taken over his father’s organization and has been making a lot of big changes.”
“Haven’t heard of him, when did this happen?”
“About a week and a half ago, his father had him sent away after his mother was killed.”
“So is he going to bring drugs and guns into the city, sounds like something dad is going to love to hear.” Marjorie says in a highly sarcastic tone.
“Actually he is going to stop drugs and violence in the city.”
“Yes, he has been knocking off low level drug dealers and their supplier’s.”
“Wait I heard something in the news about a local crack supplier’s stash mysteriously going up in flames, also he vanish in thin air.”
“Yup that's him and his enforcer, Alexander Banks.”
“So he is cleaning up the streets using mob tactics that is kind of ambitious if it wasn’t illegal but what does that have to do with you, I hope you are not still in the drug game?”
“No I’m not but I have some business dealings with the Queen family and they are on his list to take out.”
“Why would you do business with a mob family and they are the worst of the worst!”
“Power, Marjorie.”
“What did you do to get in their good graces?”
“I killed Dominic LeBeau.
“YOU WHAT!” Looking out the window as her employees quickly turn their attention back to their work, sitting down in a nearby chair as she tries to make sense of what her brother just told her, Stefan has always been attracted to power and that attraction has landed him in trouble and with this new admission, he is going to be in more trouble than ever before and this put a fear in Marjorie’s heart. “Do you have any idea of what you have started Stefan?”
“I have everything planned out; there is no need to worry.”
“How did you kill him?”
“I poisoned him and I did to get in good with the Queen’s, I will gain enough power to take control of the city, I will push dad out and take down the mob.”
“I know dad hasn’t been the best father in the world but this is not the way to get what you want, besides you killed a man and what if his son finds out, he will kill you.”
“Like I said, I have everything planned out and if something goes wrong I know exactly how to deal with it.”
“What the hell has happen to you, Stefan?”
“Just going after the things that I want, we all can’t be dad’s favorite.”

Stefan gets up and kisses his sister on top of her head and leaves, he knows that his sister won’t snitch on him but he knows that she is the only one in the family that does love him and that she will try and find her own way to save him from himself.

Marjorie sits in her chair but before she takes a much need breathe, her phone rings and the caller I.D. shows that it is Michael Crawford, her father. Picking up the phone, he tells her to come to his office in a stern and aggravated voice, hanging up the phone and knowing that this is not going to be good. She enters the elevator and heading to the top floor to her father’s office, entering through the doors of the massive and extravagant office as she sees her father getting his haircut behind his desk, the barber finishes up the light fade and packs up his tools, leaving as Marjorie walks to the desk. Michael puts his suit jacket back on as he stares at Marjorie in a menacing way, beginning to wonder if he knows what her brother has been up to, keeping her poker face intact as she waits for him to say the first word. Staring at her father, who could pass for a man in his thirties instead of a man in his fifties, light grayed hair with an basketball players height and physicality, wondering if she can keep the truth away from her father to protect Stefan, her father is the most politically powerful man in the town. A lot of people fear him and always want to be on his good side, Marjorie knows that he has always had a soft spot for her, daddy’s little girl always and that has even put a strain on her and Stefan’s relationship. Knowing that she will have to keep her brother’s secret because her brother and father have never had a close relationship, it even seems at times that her father hates Stefan and if he found out what Stefan has done, god knows what he will do to him.

“Know why I called you up here?” Michael says.
“No, what’s up dad?”
“I found out information that a mob war is beginning to brew.”
“Between the Queen’s and the LeBeau organization, I thought since Dominic LeBeau died, his organization would fall apart?”
“I was hoping for that but his son has come back to city and has taken over, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that he will take out the Queen’s for control.”
“What are you going to do?”
“I have had meetings with the mayor and the chief of police, they are creating a task force to take down both families but I had something else in mind.”
“Like what?”
“In times like this, just arresting them won’t make a bit of difference, these type of people know only one thing and that’s violence, so if you obliterate all of them, there is no way they can still harm this town and its people.”
“Dad you are talking about murder, you have too much to lose if you go through with this.”
“Our family has done a lot to make sure that this town is safe for the people to live in, even when our family had no money, we have always been there for the city and this war between these families has hurt and killed a lot of innocent people, its time that it stops.”
Even as Marjorie listen’s to her father, she feels that something is behind his words, he sounds like a true politician and he and Stefan have a lot in common. Both of them are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals, including murder.
“You have already made up your mind about this, haven’t you?”
“Nothing I do will make it back to our family, especially you.” Michael says as he places his hands on his daughter’s shoulders and gives her a kiss on the forehead.
“You didn’t have to tell me this, so why did you want me to know?”
“I need you to keep your brother in check, he can not do anything to cause problems for the family anymore, especially when this plan goes into action, can you do that?”
“Yeah I can.” Marjorie says with all her uncertainly about that request but her father can’t see what really has happen, his own son jumped started a mob war.