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Allure Chapter three

Chapter Three

A repeating knock, on the door lasts for two minutes, pulling the covers off her head. Her piercing brown eyes open, she keeps her moans between her luscious lips as the man underneath the covers eats her out, pushing his face deeper into her as begins to orgasm. Her muffle moans turn into a loud scream as she finishes, sliding out of the bed with a pleasant smirk on her face as she covers her Olympian light skinned naked body with a silk robe.
“You can go now.” she says.
“What about me, Antoinette?” he says underneath the covers.
“What about you? I don’t like to repeat myself.” The man gathers his clothes in a big ball and hurries out of the room, knowing that if he wants to leave with all of his body parts intact he shouldn’t piss off Antoinette Queen. As the door opens, she sees one of her father’s bodyguards and she knows that her father has an assignment for her. “Tell my father that I will be there in a minute.” Antoinette says as she closes the door in the bodyguards face.

Getting dressed and wondering who she has to kill now, since it has been months since her father has given her a job. Leaving her room and heading over to west side of the Queen mansion, entering her father’s office and seeing him on the outside terrace with a brown skinned man in an expensive dark blue suit. She studies the man because he seems familiar, the medium length dreads and James Bond demeanor set it off for her. Stefan Crawford but why is a member of the most respected political families doing in a mob bosses home, approaching with caution as she tries to listen in on the conversation but her father sees her coming and stops their deepen conversation. Opening the door leading back into the office, Stefan walks past Antoinette, studying her body with a seductive look which Antoinette shrugs off. Entering the terrace and standing next to her father, Allen Queen who has a terrifying presence even to his own daughter, his six foot linebacker frame has always intimidated, he puts a tan fedora on his bald head as he turns around to face her.

“Who needs to die?” Antoinette asks.
“No one yet, I need you to follow Sonny LeBeau.” Allen says in deep voice.
“I’m an assassin, not a stalker.”
“You are what I tell you to be! Don’t think because you are my daughter that you are granted the right to evade my orders.”
“Sorry, I didn’t think he was in the business.”
“He arrived in the city two days ago and the word is that he has taken over his father’s organization, he plans on making big changes and I want you to follow him and find out what he is up to, then I will decide if I want him dead or not.” Handing her a picture of Sonny, he notices the attraction on her face and takes the picture back. “Don’t screw this up, he always has plan to deal with our organization and I want to know what they are.”
“Seems like it would just be easier to just kill him but I will follow him.”
“Good. Have you seen Marcus?”
“No, he is probably doing what other psychopaths do at this hour.”
“He is going to leader of this organization one day, you two should bury this rivalry and he is your brother.”
“He tried to kill me; I didn’t like that very much.”
“He has been taking his medication and he is fine, you have an assignment and if you see Marcus, let him know that I am looking for him.”

Leaving the terrace and the office to get ready for her assignment, she remembers the image of Sonny, never been one to feel an instant emotional attraction to a man but just a sexual attraction, that attraction was written all over her face and she knew that her father must have seen this also. Heading back to her room and going through her walk in closet, walking to very end and opening a secret wall panel where all of her guns, knife’s and other weapons are stored at. Arming herself but hearing a creaking near the door to her room, readying her magnum as she slowly tip toes to the closet door, hearing the heartbeat on the person of the room, she jumps out with the barrel of the massive gun pointed at the head of the person in her room, her brother.

“I thought you were going to jump out with a sawed off.”
“What do you want Marcus, I thought I told you never to enter my room again.”
Antoinette holds the gun up with a steady hand, wanting an excuse just to pull the trigger and blow an hole in his head; Marcus looks like the nicest guy, down to his soft brown eyes, non threatening demeanor and angelic smile but all that is fake to Antoinette, because she know what truly is underneath all of these features, pure evil to the core and no medication in the world will keep that under control.
“Still mad about me trying to kill you?”
“Don’t forget about trying to torture me and rape me.”
“You still haven’t told dad about that?”
“No because if anyone is going to kill you, it will be me, now what do you want!”
“Umm are you going to lower the gun?”
“Ok well I heard you are supposed to tail LeBeau.”
“Yeah, so?”
“I have a better idea, how about you kill him when you have the chance.”
“You do know that dad has given orders for him not to be killed till he gives the word and you really think that he is going to be ok with me just killing him for no reason.”
“Reason! He is going to destroy our entire family and our father just wants to sit around and just watch him, come on you know we have to act on this.”
“No I don’t besides I know what you are up to and I am not going to let you take control of the organization.”
“It’s only a matter of time before that happens, you can’t stop that unless you are planning to kill me and I think that dad will have a problem with that.”
“Maybe not, if he finds out what you are up to.”
“You think that I haven’t come up with the possibility of you, telling dad my plans, I’m always a step in front of you, little sister.”
“And you are always so sure of yourself, I have a mission that I have to get to, so its time for you to leave.”
“You need to know that even without you I will push this assignment forward, I’m just wanted you to be apart of what’s to come.”
“Go kill yourself.”
“Always nice to see you, Antoinette.”

Marcus leaves but it takes a few minutes for Antoinette to lower the gun, she immediately gets on her cell to contact one of her informants to find out the whereabouts of Sonny, warehouse twelve is the location she receives and leaves the mansion in a hurry. The warehouse is surrounded by a light flow of Sonny’s men, making this easier than normal for Antoinette to sneak in, opening a window and easing her way into the warehouse. She sees Sonny inspecting the inside of a crate, he is alone and she draws her weapon, moving slowly so she doesn’t make a sound, inches away from putting a bullet in his back, heshe places the barrier of the revolver against his back, Antoinette puts her lips against his ear and kisses it softly.

“I was wondering if your father was going to send you to kill me?” Sonny asks.
“Actually he sent me to follow you, Marcus is the one who wants you dead.”
“Your brother was always an over achiever.”

Sonny turns around to face Antoinette as she points the gun at his chest, staring into her eyes and losing himself in them, she throws her gun away and pulls him to her, Sonny kisses her intensely as he places his hand on the small of her back, sliding it down on to the thickness of her butt. Antoinette moans in agreement of this gesture and takes off Sonny’s jacket, ripping his shirt off and kisses his well built chest, Sonny lifts her up and sits her on top of a crate as she continues to kiss his chest, undoing her belt buckle, Antoinette kicks off her boots as Sonny pulls her pants off and throws them across the room, pulling her panties off slowly with his teeth. Immediately using his tongue in a clockwise motion on her clit, sucking and licking till her body begins to sweat, Antoinette grabs his head and pushes into deeper into her, Sonny pushes his tongue deeper into her. Antoinette pushes Sonny away as the pleasure is growing to be too much for her to handle, jumping off the crate and taking the rest of her clothes off as she grabs Sonny and throws him into the crate to his right. Kissing his abs and making her way down, Sonny eyes roll back in his head as she begins sucking but this is not what he wants, he wants her and he lifts her up, easing her onto his dick and memorizing the sinful smile she has on her face as she takes it all into her. Powerful strokes causing her to wrap her vibrating legs around his waist, digging her fingernails into back as she feels her body beginning to climax, feeling Sonny about to reach that same pleasure, Antoinette begins to grind, causing immense pleasure for both as their body tremble and they both reach a moment of ecstasy. Sitting laying their backs against an crate, Sonny holds Antoinette as she rests her head on his chest, she feels his rapid heart beat and knows that only she could make his heart beat like that.

“How long has it been since we last saw each other?” Sonny asks.
“Two years, you been missing me?”
“Maybe but did you miss me?”
“You know I don’t do the relationship thing, Sonny.”
“You don’t do the screaming a man’s name but you did.”
“Don’t get cute.” Antoinette says as she gets up and begins to put her clothes on, she knows that she has missed him and felt more than that for him, but being an assassin for her family for all those years and the attack by her brother has made her more detracted from having a normal relationship with a man but as she stares at him she knows if there was any man she would try and have relationship with, it would be him.
“Come with me.” Sonny says with all his affection for her in his voice.
“My father will have me killed and don’t think that you could protect me, you know how this business works.”
“So you just want to kill people for your father for the rest of your life?”
“I bet you want me to be your wife and live happily ever after?”
“I think it will be better than what you are doing now, I remember when we were in Mexico and you wanted a better life than being a assassin, what happen?”
“A lot but we both are at different places, you are in charged of your organization and I don’t think that your people will accept me.”
“They will if I tell them to.”
“My family will want you dead, sooner or later and they will ask me to do it.”
“Will you?”
“It shouldn’t be me you worry about, its Marcus and he is up to something and it involves killing you.”
“I have evidence that my father was killed and someone in the queen family paid them to do that.”
“You think Marcus has something to do with that?”
“Since he is up to something yeah but what about your father?”
“I would know if he did but as far as I know, no one paid anyone to kill your father.”
“We got the paper trail, think you can find some information out for me?”
“I don’t work for you, Sonny. My job is to kill people and that’s all.”
“Unless there is something proving that what you are saying is true, I will go to war with your family and I will win, my father might have been a lot of things but he was still my father and I loved him, I will put a bullet in the head of the person responsible.”
“What if it was me?”
“No matter what you do for your family, you love me even though you won’t admit it for some reason, I know you wouldn’t do it.”
“Keep thinking like that and you won’t survive in this business.”

Sonny starts to put on his clothes, that wasn’t the response that he was hoping for and as he looks at Antoinette he sees that wall she has is strong as steel, it was only down when they were having sex. “I think its time for to get going.”
“Be careful.” Antoinette says as Sonny kisses her on the cheek and leaves.
After leaving Antoinette, Sonny heads to the cemetery to visit his fathers grave, kneeling down and placing roses at the headstone. Sonny is at a loss for words as this is the first time has been here. Trying to hold back the tears as he places his hand on the top of the headstone, tears lands on top of the roses he placed at the headstone, his mouth is unable to open as he tries to muster words to express his feelings.
“This wasn’t how I wanted us to see each other again, I know that you never wanted me to take over the organization or have any part in it and it is not exactly how I saw my life going, but you are my father and no matter what you have done, you did not deserve this. I hope you can understand why I’m doing this and know that I love you.”

Staring at the headstone with a uncertainty on how his father would feel about decision that he has made, but as he stares at the name on the headstone. Dominic LeBeau, he remembers one thing that his father always told him, that whatever you do in life, always be happy. Sonny knows that the only thing that will make him happy is making those responsible pay and after that he will work on something else to make him happy.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Allure Part One

Duce Wayne

It has been five years since, Sonny LeBeau has been in the town of Allure and five years since he has seen his father, returning to the town to visit his father’s grave was not the way that he wanted to come back. His father wanted to shelter him from his lifestyle but Sonny always knew, he always knew that his father led one of the most powerful crime organizations in the town and was a very feared man. He never saw that side of his father, mainly because he was sent to live down south for his safety when his mother was killed when he was ten.
When Sonny was eighteen, he returned to the town to see his father, truly learning of his father business on this return and understanding why he was sent away and giving him and his father, peace in their strained relationship. Now after traveling the world for those missing years, Sonny finds himself on his family’s private plane, heading back to his home to visit his fathers grave. Holding in the grief for the entire flight but as the plane gets closer to the town, it begins to set in and Sonny heads to the bathroom, splashing the cool water on his face and remembers that the last time he was looking in the mirror on his back to the town, he was a scrawny, no facial hair, giant afro, black teenager but now he is muscular, goatee having, crisp fade always, black man.

The coolness of the water freezes the explosion of grief that he was feeling a minute ago, the announcement from the pilot, that the plane has reached its destination, prompts him to put his game face on and return to his seat, the plane lands and circles the runway. Looking out of the window, Sonny sees the limo waiting for him and takes a deep breath, exiting out of the plane, the limo doors open and a burly white man exits out, a second man soon exits out after him. Tall, same hair style and complexion as Sonny, with an athletic build, a pencil thin beard and dressed in a tailored business suit with a pair of dark aviator sunglass on his face. Looking closer at the man and realizing that it is his best friend, Alexander Banks but everybody calls him Xander.

Xander, three years older than Sonny and was taken in by Sonny’s father, after his parents, who were his close friends were killed in a car accident. Xander always looked after Sonny and treated him like his little brother. Indebted to Sonny’s father for all that he has done for him, Xander became his protector and number one enforcer. The two walk up to each other and give each other a hug.

“Well I see that you have been lifting the weights.” Xander says.
“You know I got to out do you.” Sonny says laughing.
“Keep trying… how you doing?”
“I’m surviving, how are you handling everything?”
“I’m good, just trying to handle the organization, it has been crazy as hell and everyone trying to take control, has been making things more difficult.”
“You don’t have to worry about that much longer.” The two enter the car and it heads off to the LeBeau mansion. “I am going to take over the organization.”

Chapter Two
Taking the Throne

“What!?” Xander says with enough shock in his voice to electrocute someone.
“I was thinking about something before I got on the plane and I know you have been thinking about it too.”
“The way your father died, doesn’t make sense?”
“A heart attack, that man exercised more than we do and he always watched what he ate; it doesn’t sound or feel right.”
“I agree and I wanted to show you this.”
Xander gives Sonny an vanilla envelop, he opens it and pulls out a lab report from the medical examiner, it states that there was a small amount of cyanide in the blood stream but in the submitted report that result was missing. “It seems someone was urged to leave that out of the report but I encourage them to give me that part of the report.”
“Who paid them off?”
“The money was traced to someone in the Queen family.”
“They killed my dad, so that means I will burn their entire family down till there is nothing left.” Sonny says with darkness in his voice that even puts a chill down Xander’s back. Everyone has always tried to keep Sonny away from the criminal life and keep him innocent, but the years that Sonny has spent away from his family, he has seen the evil’s that are presented in the world and he was no longer innocent.
“You sure that you could handle taking over the organization and doing killing the Queen‘s, this could lead to a full scale war and not to mention the cops are going to be watching us.”
“I’m not the same person I used to be and the cops wouldn’t give an damn if we told them what really happen to my father, it’s up to us to bring him justice.”
“Sound just like him, I got your back through this.”
“I know, figure that you would be trying to talk me out of this?”
“How do you talk a son out of bringing his father’s killers to justice, you can’t so I am going to make sure that you don’t get yourself killed.”
“So I’m assuming that you have a plan?”
“Still working it but you will be the first to know.”

The limo reaches the mansion’s, both men look out of the windows and see the row of other luxury cars that are outside of the mansion. As the limo pulls into the driveway and the men exit out, Sonny takes a deep breath and readies himself because he knows, in order to take control of this organization he has to bring order to it first. Going through the front door and looking at the massiveness of the inside, the sheer luxury of every item inside. Walking into the living room and seeing the five lieutenants in his father’s organization, greeting each one with a hand shake and hug, each of them showing their respect and condolences. Sonny walks to his fathers desk at the far end of the room, sliding his finger across it and somehow feeling his father’s presence, taking a second to remember and enjoy those few memories, looking up at the lieutenants, Sonny ends that second and gets on to business.

“I know you all came to pay your respects and I thank for you that, my father trusted and had great respect for all of you, I share that respect and I know some of you haven’t seen me sense I was a child but I am not a child anymore. My father never wanted me to be apart of this life and I know that you want the same for your own children but there has been evidence that my father was poisoned by someone in the Queen family.”

As the sounds of shock and anger begin to fill the room, Sonny quiets the room with the yelled word of “Gentleman!” The men turn there attention back to Sonny. “I know what you all are thinking about, payback and I want the same thing…I want to take my father’s place as leader of this organization.”
Looking at the faces of the unsure men, Xander looks at Sonny, whose face shows the characteristics of a leader, he doesn’t let the disapproval looks of the lieutenants get to him, he stands strong and stands tall.

“No disrespect but what makes you think that you can lead this organization?” says James, the oldest of them and who reminded Sonny of his father except he was darker, bald and less fit.
“My father once told me that all of you were trying to secure a very rare diamond, a diamond worth five million dollars, am I right?”
“Yes.” James says.
“I spent some time in Cuba, where the diamond was last located and I secured it for this organization before I headed back here, I had my doubts about how my father died and I began to make plans to get to the truth and deal with whatever I found out.”
Sonny pulls a sparkling diamond the size of a man’s fist from out of his jacket pocket and sits it on the table. “I am not trying to buy my way in but I am showing that I can get things done and do what is necessary for this organization to succeed.”
“What are you plans for the organization?”
“To rule the city, to take down the Queen family, like my father wanted but just in a different way.”
“What way is that?’
“Stopping the flow of drug that comes into city, crushing the Queen’s business interest in the city and set up some legal businesses to help the city.”
“Sounds like you want us to go legit?”
“We can never fully be legit because there are something’s that must be handle with a certain approach that is not legal, we can do things to help instead of always doing things that hurt.”
“You know this will cause some backlash to those in the town whose main source of revenue are drugs.”
“My father never wanted this organization to deal in the drug game and it hasn’t, this is our town and it has been riddled with corruption from politicians and crippled by drugs, we can changed that and do something great with the power that we have, we do it our way and by our own rules. We are already dubbed outlaws and criminals by those who control the town but they are the ones who are truly the criminals, so how about we take control from them and make this town ours?”

The lieutenants gather around each other and begin a discussion, Xander walks over to Sonny, not saying a word to each other but just waiting for the decision from the lieutenants. Its only takes a few moments for them to come to a decision. James walks to the front of the table and extends his hand over to Sonny, symbolizing that he is shaking hands to the new leader of the LeBeau organization and he has the full support of the lieutenants, Sonny shakes his hand and without a word being said, he begins his plan.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Breakup Letter

Dear unsuspected love, perfected reasoning leads me to this course of action. My heart, no longer active. My body no longer craves our activity's, finding myself craving time apart from a suffocating apartment. Making dinner trips to refill my oxygen, lacking the hunger to make this union plentiful so I put us through this painful fasting. Never wanting to hurt you, so I pull the fading adhesive of this band-aid holding us together off, so we can heal faster. Not feeling the heartfelt logic in this, only feeling the tears trickling down. Your emotions only tickle your perception of reality so you hold on while the rift goes wider, saying this is just an simple tiff that can be resolved but this measure wouldn't even be passed by Congress. Pressing for my humanity to be bought forth into law but I pull rank and put a veto forth before this issue is pressed. Can't feel pressure to ease your broken heart with broken promises, so I let your aorta heal itself by way of a doctors order and by way of my prescription, I finish my script and take my leave.

Duce Wayne.