Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Time Traveler Part 1

1.21 gigawatts propelling me forward
Forwarding my electric touch so people can dig my flow
Digging my heels into the ground as I bend the earth to my liking
So I can cover enough ground of popularity to topple a social network
Leaving my face to twist the daily news feeds into something positive

Cocky son of bitch when it comes to feeding the world
Something positive so the current polarity won’t leave the people starving
Not on the fence about my hunger
No expectation of binding my upcoming meals
As preparation for a thanksgiving meal for the world is coming

1.21 gigawatts bringing me back
Arriving back in the icy present at 1:21 am
Ready to Carpe Diem as I park the car
Not leaving my fate in park position
As the sun comes and warms the dark

Monday, February 8, 2010

Allure C7

Sonny stands in front of the full length mirror, tying his silk white tie and putting on putting his black suit jacket on, getting his mind ready for the sky light ball because this is not just a party for him, this is a chance to find out what is really going on with the recent information that he has received. The smell of roses enters his bedroom as Stephanie enters, wearing a form fitting red cocktail dress.

“I see you are trying to make a statement, Stephanie.”
“What statement do you think I am trying to make?”
“That the Crawford’s won’t be running the show tonight.”
“Just trying to take the attention off of you, so you and Xander can do what you two do.”
“Well I have to say this is an eye pleasing way of doing that.”
“Now, isn’t our relationship suppose to be purely business?”
“I don’t think that was ever brought up.”
“If you say so, but the car is waiting for us and so is Xander.”

Looking back in the mirror to check himself, seeing everything is good, Sonny turns to head out but Stephanie is right in front of him, giving him a slow sweet kiss that brings the temperature of the room to an desert heat.

“What was that for?” Sonny ask.
“We had about ten seconds to spare.”

Sonny smiles at her response and they head outside to the limo, leaving to Xander’s and picking him and Free up, inside of the limo the four of them begin to plan on how they are going to get information from the Crawford’s.

“We need to cause some kind of distraction so Free can get into the main office and hack in.” Xander says.
“I just need at least ten minutes to get any kind of useful information.” Free says.
“Did you have a chance to look at the blueprints for the tower, Stephanie?” Sonny asks.
“Yeah, the banquet hall is where the ball is being held and the offices are two levels above it, does it matter what computer you use to hack in, Free?”
“I need to get to Michael Crawford’s computer; I put a virus in their utilities system and at ten o’clock the lights will go off but the power around Michael’s office will still be on but at a low level that no one will suspect anything.” Free says
“How long will the power be off?” Sonny ask.
“Fifteen minutes, that’s enough time for me to copy his files.”
“Good, ok we have everything cover, so let’s do this with out any problems.”

The limo arrives at the Crawford towers, entering through the check point and into the banquet hall, the room filled with all the big players in the town and major celebrities. As the group makes their way into the hall, the obvious stares because of Sonny’s reputation are present in the hall but Sonny and the others don’t let them phase them.

Having about ten minutes before the virus kicks in, the group splits up as Xander and Free make their way through the crowd to get closer to the exit, Sonny and Stephanie head to the center of the hall and work the crowd. As Sonny is talking to Sam Philips a local celebrity, Stephanie sees something coming in their direction, as she gets a clearer picture of what is coming, she quickly lets Sonny knows.

“Remember when you said that we will play this as cool as possible, Sonny?”
“Yeah, why?”
“Allen, Antoinette and Marcus Queen are coming this way, you don’t have a gun on you, do you?”
“No but I should have re-thought bringing one.” Sonny says as his mood changes from cool and calm, to cool and calm rage.”
“We can’t bring any attention to ourselves, remember?”
“Easy for you to say, Allen Queen is responsible for my mother and father’s death, killing him would make night very fulfilling.

Sonny makes his way through the crowd to meet with the Queen family, Stephanie tries to cut him off before he lets his anger take control of him. The two leaders of the powerful mob families come eye to eye with each other, the crowd around begins to feel the awaiting explosion between the two. Stephanie makes her way to Sonny’s side, getting a icy glare from Antoinette and seductive look from Marcus.

“So we finally get a chance too meet.” Allen says.
“Yes we do.” Sonny says with a killers stare deadlocked on Allen .
“I am sorry to hear about your father, he was a good man.”

Sonny makes a fist with his right hand, balling it up tighter and tighter but Stephanie grabs his hand, pulling apart his fingers and interlocking hers with his, the icy glare that Antoinette was giving before, turned into the same look that Sonny was giving Allen.

“Thank you.” Sonny says calmly.
“So who is this lovely woman that you are with?” Allen says as Antoinette lets out a small chuckle.
“Stephanie Canon, pleasure to meet you Mr. Queen.
“Pleasure is all mine, but I am afraid that I have some business to deal with, we should all meet later in the evening for a drink.”
“Sounds good to me.” Sonny says as the Queen family departs.
“Well you played that slightly well.” Stephanie says.
“Should have put a fork in his throat.”
“I know you wanted to but what was with your girlfriend?”
“She is not my girlfriend.”
“Ok, well your friend wanted to kill me and since she is an hit woman for the mob, I think she will actually do that.”
“No need to worry, you can take her if you two get in a fight.”
“Oh just what I wanted, to fight your psycho assassin lover.”

The crowd yells in surprise as the lights go off, Sonny and Stephanie remain calm and stay where they are at, Xander and Free make their way up the emergency stairwell.
Running up the stairs and entering the office of Michael Crawford in record time, Xander stands outside of the office and plays lookout as Free heads to the computer, inserting a jump drive into the computer and quickly hacks his files, not having time to check each and ever file, Free just copies as many as she can, but she sees a file named war and opens it. Quickly reading the first couple of paragraphs of the file, her eyes widen in horror.

“Xander come here.”
“What is it?” Xander says as he comes over and looks at the screen.
“Read this and you will understand.”
“…this can’t be true.”
“This has facts that were never released to the public, Xander.”
“Oh my god.”
“We have to tell Sonny.”
“If we tell him, this whole town is going to be in the middle of war between the LeBeau organization, Queen and Crawford family.
“It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t tell him.”
“This changes everything now.”
“Yes it does. The Crawford’s are behind the war, they set up the very act that started it…they killed Sonny’s mother.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Allure C6

Xander hangs up his cell after receiving the information from Sonny, exiting out of the balcony back into his apartment, where his computer expert, Carly Free on her laptop trying to find if any aircraft has any flight plans that revolve around hob’s bay. He knows that the he and Sonny are getting closer to taking down the Queen’s. Beginning to worry now because soon the Queen organization will feel that too and they will begin to strike back. Keeping the secret that he and Free are a couple because he doesn’t want her to get hurt because of the life that he lives. Staring at her soft chocolate skin, she brushes back her long dark hair and fixes her glasses as she stares at the screen, even though she is petite and a girly girl, Xander knows that she is strong as he is but he loves her more than life itself and would die to protect her.

“You know today was suppose to be our trip to Jamaica.” Free says.
“I know and I am sorry but---
“I understand, Dominic was like a father to you and I would be doing the same thing.”
“You know if I could get inside the Queen’s mansion, I could hack in and get the information that you and Sonny need.”
“It’s too dangerous and I won’t risk your life in this, besides no one knows that you work for me and I want to keep it that way.”
“They also don’t know that we are together, want to keep it that way also?”
“You know it’s safer if no one knows that we are together, especially since we are trying to take down the Queen’s.”
“I know.” Free says with a small amount of sadness in her voice and heart.
“Have you found anything yet?”
“There has been no flight plan schedule around hob’s bay.”
“Sonny might be right, they are paying the coast guard or at least a few of them off, so nothing will be seen or reported.”
“What are you going to do?”
“See for myself what is going on and take it from there.”
“Ok but I did find something else out, while I was doing some background searches on some of the coast guards officers.”
“What did you find out?”
“A tiny but traceable paper trail that leads back to Stefan Crawford, a deposit of five thousand dollars was made into one of the officers bank account, this paper trail was made to lead back to him.”
“You think that someone is setting him up to take a fall just in case someone makes the connection.”
“But why is the question.”
“Think he is involved with the Queen’s?”
“The son of the most political powerful man in the town in bed with a mob family,
that’s a time bomb waiting to happen.”
“I can do some digging on this, if you need me to?”
“Not yet, I am going to have some one keep an eye on him and see what he is up to.”
“Ok, so what do you want to do in the mean time?” Free asks as she walks over to Xander and put her arms around him.
“Seems like you already have an idea on what to do.”

Xander kisses Free slowly, with her chest press up against his, Xander feels her rapid heartbeat and begins to kiss her collarbone, biting her lip in ecstasy as he kisses her chest and makes his way down, lifting her shirt up and kissing her stomach. Undoing her belt and dropping her pants, she kicks them off as Xander kisses the small of her back and slides his tongue gently up her back till he reaches the back of her neck, messaging her neck with passionate kisses, Free, moaning in intense pleasure but Xander’s phone begins to ring, he looks at it and its Sonny.

“Don’t pick it up.” Free says out of breath.
“Sorry love.” Xander says as he takes the call and finds out from Sonny that the shipment drop has been moved up to tonight.
“What is it?” Free ask.
“The shipment is arriving tonight; sorry I have to head over there and get set up.”
“Ok… be careful!”

The clouds part as the full moon hangs powerful in the sky, the cool night air flows through Xander’s face as the speed boat he is on, takes him to the area of where the drop is suppose to take place. The driver stops the boat far enough so that it is not in the sights of the coast guard, grabbing a pair of night vision goggles from his large duffle bag, Xander puts them on and looks into clear sky. The driver signals Xander that something is going on where the coast guard is station at, looking over he see’s that one of the men on the lead boat shoots a flare into the sky away from his boat.
Hearing the faint sound of a propeller behind him, looking back and seeing the small airplane coming his way. Reaching in his duffle bag again, pulling out a rocket launcher and quickly gets his feet planted, getting his sights set and waiting for the right moment, the rocket explodes out in thunderous fashion, flying straight at the plane with destructive intent, the pilot doesn’t see it coming till its too late and the plane explodes, lighting the sky and catching everyone’s attention but the driver has already left the scene.
Arriving back at the LeBeau mansion, Xander meets Sonny in his office, as he walks in, seeing Sonny reading a letter that has given him a perplexed face.

“Shipments been taken out.” Xander says.
“Good.” Sonny says distracted.
“What’s the letter about?”
“It seems that I have been invited to a party at the Crawford towers.”
“The Crawford’s invited you to their annual sky light ball but why?”
“I don‘t know.”
“Sounds like a trap.”
“But why would they want to do that for?”
“I got to tell you something, Free and I found out some information about the shipment.”
“Free, found a paper trail that leads back to Stefan Crawford, showing that he paid off a member of the coast guard.”
“So Stefan is helping the Queen’s.”
“The paper is trail is small but according to Free, it looks like that it might have been planted to be found if there was a reason to go through those files.”
“This is getting more complicated, so looks like that Stefan is the fall guy if anything goes wrong with delivery of the shipment.”
“Which it did.”
“This invitation doesn’t seem right.”
“I agree.”
“But we should go anyway.”
“Something is up with this family and it looks like they are bed with Queen’s, I want to know how deep they are in.”
“You going to need backup just incase, I’m going too.”
“Knew you would.”