Friday, August 13, 2010

Sexual Reflection

I gasp for air as I lift my head in the air from under her. I kiss the inside of her thighs, making my way back to the center of my timely desire. Going up for a lick then a full taste. My thoughts run away from the action in front of me and I don’t pay attention to the woman in front of me. Moaning for dear life as her body sweats and creams all at the same time.

“Stay with me.” she says groaning as she digs her fingernails into my shoulder.

I lift my head up and move my body up till I am in the right position. Sliding me in, moving at a rhythm that cause’s her eyes to roll back in her head. Kissing every part of her that is in my view, at the same time she grabs my hips and pulls me in deeper causing her to rain more on me and yell my name louder and louder.
It doesn’t take long for her time to come and lay back in delight as I follow her lead. I lay right next to her in the bed as she falls asleep, looking at her as she sleeps quietly. Her chocolate skin radiant’s as a little of the outside light shines in through the window and hits her skin so softy.

As she sleeps I tend to think that I live the life that every man dreams of. I sleep with a different woman almost every night, I don’t have any children and I have enough money that I don’t every have to worry about working again. So why do I feel alone every time that I lay next to each one of these women.

The sun rises and I leave out the bathroom window and head home. As I reach my door a breeze of air slaps me on the neck and at the same time I hear a “Turn around.” Whisper in my ear, turning my head slightly I see the same woman I was with just a couple of hours ago across the street pulling boxes out of her car. I walk over and ask.

“Are you following me?”
“Umm no, who are you?”
“It’s me, Sean.”
“I’m sorry but I don’t know you.”
“Oh I’m sorry I must have you confused with someone else.”
“It’s ok but you know to make this up to me you could help me with these boxes.”
“My pleasure.”
“Thank you by the way my name is Aphrodite.”

That was the only time after that night and morning that I saw her again, I was thrown back throughout the time that I was helping her, not because of the similarity with her and the woman I was with last night, it was because of the name. Thinking to myself that she wasn’t the one that I wanted or was she, the one that I wanted, the only woman that has never left me feeling empty was name Aphrodite but she didn’t look like the woman that I just met.

Some might think that a man chasing after a woman out of an myth is crazy and I would be part of that some but I met another woman by that name once and I knew that she was the real deal, her eyes were deep brown like chocolate, her body was curved in the right places and when she walked her hazel skin shimmer and her absolute aura cause envy and desire.

It was two years ago in a new club that open on Fulton, I was there with the fellows and the nights agenda was always the same, I saw someone I wanted for the night and began to make my way over but she came in and walked over to me, she placed her hand on my shoulder and whisper in my ear.

“Spend the night with me.” said in a tantalizing tone.

I have never felt anything like that when her words hit my ear, the warmness of her breath heated my blood and expanded my wellness, such feelings like this I have never felt before in my life but instead of wondering who she was and where she came from, I went where ever she wanted me to. Back at her apartment she pushes down onto the bed and kissed me everywhere.

Her mouth filled with me, sent me into an illumination where I thought I was in heaven, she licked my chest upwards till she came up to my lips and I asked.

“Who are you?”
“Aphrodite.” she said.

I slid my hands down slowly in between her thighs I rubbed, rotated and repeated, she stuck her tongue out slightly as she stood above me moaning I ripped her top off exposing her bra and I slid my finger under the middle and pulled her to me and accelerated my hand movements, she groaned harder but it wasn’t her time yet, I flip her over and place her on the bed taking off my clothes I pulled her skirt off and freed her of what was left, I kissed her between and throughout her body.

I turned her around and with her head resting on a pillow I went inside her starting off slowly back and forth then turning up the stokes with each time she moans then screams and grabs the bed sheet, with each stoke I put into her I myself hold onto her tight because each feeling inside frees me and for some moments I feel that I have been separated from my body.

She climbs on top of me as the night progress’s and her movements are incredible, I can feel that she is about to arrive, as her movements become faster more rhythmic and more pulsing, right before the movement hits she ask me something.

“Come. . . With . . . Me?” she asked.
“I will, believe me I will.” I said.
“Mmm. . . No. . . . Stay with me after this?”

We both scream and moan to the top of our lungs as the moment arises, she waits for an answer afterwards but in my delight I don’t say anything and close my eyes and let go of my grip of her, she wasn’t the type of women that you kept waiting and I did and within those few seconds she left and it’s been two years since I saw her and she asked me to stay with her. . . She was the only women to ask me that except the woman I was just with. . . OH GOD.

I drive back to the apartment and go up to the door but I don’t know her last name so I run over to the alley and climb up to the bathroom window that I first went through and to my amazement it’s still open so I climb through, I enter the bedroom and no one is here but it looks like that no one has been here in days the whole place is clean and untouched except for a bed.

I sit on the bed, broken that the woman I have been searching for was here in a different form but still here and I wasn’t even pay attention when she asked me again to stay with her.

“I will stay with you.” I say.

The room is silent and calm, I think to myself what do I do now do I wait to see if she comes to me again in another form but I have turn her down twice, I lay back on the bed and look over to the clock that shows two o’clock and today’s date the seventeenth and it was the seventeenth of this same month two years ago that I first met her. . . Could it be that every two years she comes to me in a different form to ask me this or am I crazy, or is she trying to drive me insane because I said no to her?

No longer wanting to feel this gaping break of my sanity anymore so I decide to leave, walking to the door was a struggle enough as my legs feel heavy as I walk, I finally make it to the door, turn the knob but the door will not open. I look back at the windows but the windows have been sealed with bricks, the heaviness in my legs has taken its toll and I fall to my knees.

“Hello Sean.” Aphrodite says as she mysteriously appears by my side in a white dress.
“What have you done to me?”
“I have done nothing to you Sean, you have done all of this to yourself.”
“What are you talking about?”
“You said no to me! Not once but twice!”
“What the hell are you?”
“Something beyond your pay grade but if you really want to know, I’m a woman in white.”
“A what?”
“A woman in white, I was married a very long time ago and I loved my husband with all of my heart but he cheated on me, that single action tore my heart apart and I killed myself.”
“Your some kind of ghost?”
“Yes, told you it was beyond your pay grade.”
“So what do you want with me?”
“Well if you must know, I kill men like you, men who treat women like sex tools, cheat on them, hurt them and you are someone that I have been waiting to kill since I met you but there is one tiny rule, in order to kill you I need you to say that you will stay with me and you have been difficult none the less to get to say yes.”
“And I will never say it now, you should have never told me.”
“You already said yes, you said it while sitting on the bed…why would you think I would tell you all of this if you didn’t say it already.” She says with a dark hideous laughter.
“No you can’t do this, I thought you loved me!”
“Bet all the women that you been with, thought that too.”

I try to get up but I can’t, she places her frosty bitter hand on my shoulder, I can feel my heart racing out of control, I struggle but I can’t get free. My vision begins to brighten to the point that the very heat is like hellfire, I scream for help, I scream for god to intervene but there is nothing to save me as I hear her laughs. I can no longer feel any pain, not knowing if that is good or bad but I take it for good as I slowly drift off.