Friday, March 26, 2010

"The Ride" By Graphix Godbody

OK I get it!
You've got new rims that spin/
with diamonds in them to match the gold in your grin/
and a sound system that seems like it's sole purpose is to offend elderly kin/
but how many people in your camp of dozens do you really consider a friend?/
see I've done the rolex watches on both wrist/
popped bottles of crys and belvy and left those days back in high school but wait......see I don't think that y'all really smell me/
what's the real price for them diamonds you trying to sell me/
human lives where paid to put those on that necklace/
with an image of a pope's nephew that y'all call "Jesus" see now who's acting reckless?/
see I've studied where all this came from to see where I'm going/
and the road chosen for me and my people, well I'm trying to steer us away from it but I'm just a passenger on a bus and the driver can't see where we're going/
so I'm yelling up front saying, hey I can show him/
but he's impatient and don't like backseat drivers/
saying I'm hating because I see a way for him to make money, well maybe not as much as he does now, but he'll be wiser/
and he traded in spiritual wealth and mental health for riches/
real queens and goddesses for one night stands and bitches/
pink polo shirts, girl hair and tight britches/
claims he a thug but everytime I look to see this gangsta, I'm left skeptical because my spectacles always seem to miss it/
see, he don't like me or my music, because my rap has a mission/
he swears nobody wants to hear something with a message uplifting/
I'm like maybe he's right but I didn't get in this to start ass kissing/
I just drop gems like a clumsy thief, and when I rap a few kats listen/
see I attract a few that wanna learn, so what I say sparks interest/
and brings wise men to men to me like I got a star over me leading them to God's infant/
but he just kept driving and didn't acknowledge my teachings/
a few moons go by and starts to seperate his real friends from leeches/
Here's where I parted ways and pulled the string on the bus and told the driver to let me off of it/
he laughed and said I should follow him if I wanted to make money and become a baller quick/
I told him this isn't my path I'm headed back, see I've already strayed to far from it/
he drove off and yelled when he reached the end because the last stop was tatarus/

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Will Always Remember You (True Story)

Having only five minutes
To tell you what you meant to me
So I reference those years for a minute
Giving them five stars

As I remember those sun sip lips
That gave me intellectual pleasure
As I remember telling them I love you
As I worship your moon lit body

Your essence ruled my soulful currents
Remember telling you that I’m so gone because of you
And you would say I just want to be gone somewhere with you
Blushful demeanor, never dissipated with you

With you, the blister paced world couldn’t touch me
Remember placing kisses on your soul as a thank you
And you making my body flare for an your welcome
And to make me remember the velocity of that moment

I remember your radiance on the darkest of nights
I remember how your presence stole my oxygen
I remember how your kiss gave it back
I will always remember that I love you