Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Will Always Remember You (True Story)

Having only five minutes
To tell you what you meant to me
So I reference those years for a minute
Giving them five stars

As I remember those sun sip lips
That gave me intellectual pleasure
As I remember telling them I love you
As I worship your moon lit body

Your essence ruled my soulful currents
Remember telling you that I’m so gone because of you
And you would say I just want to be gone somewhere with you
Blushful demeanor, never dissipated with you

With you, the blister paced world couldn’t touch me
Remember placing kisses on your soul as a thank you
And you making my body flare for an your welcome
And to make me remember the velocity of that moment

I remember your radiance on the darkest of nights
I remember how your presence stole my oxygen
I remember how your kiss gave it back
I will always remember that I love you


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