Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Present Day Relationship

She sits at the end of the bed
Our issues are apparent on her face,
Face to face communication she longs for
As I long to ease her pain

A simple three worded phase won’t cure,
Looking into my eyes for a cure from her tears
Moisture from my lips placed on a single cell of her skin
Easing for a single second her discomfort

Fingers inter-locking for protecting and comfort,
Looking for me to be more than a lover
As she rests her heart a pond mines
But it stops as my mind out races it

Looking for a slow pace away
To show her a way to what she deserve
Cause what we have can’t be preserve,
Afraid to walk as feet become rooted

A heartbroken language is rooted between her lips
She kisses tightly to see if there are familiar feelings
In a failing heart but our time is flat lining,
So I have to say goodbye as she sits in the bed flat lining


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