Monday, May 24, 2010

Cover Art By: Lamar Sanders

Coming June 29, 2010, Duce Wayne's first novel. Lincoln Stone: Return Of the Grim Reaper. More info about where to buy the book and the pricing is coming stay tune to the blog!

Hidden away for safety by his father. The Grim Reaper after his death. Lincoln Stone has been raised in an orphanage since an infant. Lincoln has led a somewhat normal life but has been keeping a secret from everyone he knows. He has developed superhuman strength, speed and psychic abilities. Feeling like an outcast for most of his life, Lincoln begins a journey to find out the answers that have plagued his life, but those long sought after answers present themselves to Lincoln in a way he never thought possible.

Finding himself thrust in a new role in an ancient battle between good and evil, Lincoln must hone his abilities in order to protect him and the entire world, from a powerful evil that threatens it, his own mother. In a world filled with demons and monsters, Lincoln will be put through a gauntlet of deception and danger in order to save the world.

Finding the truth that his mother killed his father, he alone must stop her from destroying the world. While coming to terms with this, Lincoln will unravel a dark secret that brings a new truth about his mother. Leaving him to make major decisions that will not only affect him but the world also, in order to do what is right, in a world that is surrounded by darkness


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